Hourly metering of energy consumption

Granlund's hourly metering service for remote reading of consumption levels

Granlund’s hourly metering service enables the remote reading of your building’s hourly consumption levels to be transferred into Granlund Manager and then you will also be able to report and analyze the consumption levels through the program. Manager Executive offers excellent features for executive reporting and to support decision-making.

Hourly consumption data can be transferred to Granlund Manager from the building’s remote reader or building automation system. If the building does not have the technology that enables remote reading, the required equipment can be installed with the help of Granlund. The equipment is always selected on the basis of the building and the needs of the user and there are alternatives for all needs and properties of all sizes.

Through deviation management you will be notified by email if there is a fault in the meters or if the changes in consumption exceed or go below the determined limits. Granlund’s total service also allows you to outsource fault management and the verification of consumption levels. Through the Energy Pilot service, the Granlund specialists will be your comprehensive energy management partner in all situations.

Energy billing
Granlund’s bill division service reduces the property manager’s workload in large buildings that have a large number of tenants. Through the bill division service Granlund will prepare the billing documents based on the consumption indicated by the tenants’ sub-meters. The bill division service uses the Granlund Manager Billing process, which can also be purchased by the customer for their own use. The Billing process helps you prepare the billing documents for your property quickly and reliably.

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