Health and well-being a priority also in challenging conditions

The coronavirus is affecting daily life everywhere and at Granlund we are doing our part to respond to the situation on all levels of our operations. Our primary objectives are to ensure health and well-being and the continuation of our projects. Responsibility is now highlighted in everything we do.

Well-being is our top priority

Most of our personnel are working remotely. For those at the office, we have arranged the safest working conditions possible taking into account the situation. We have now employed working methods that ensure our projects can proceed as well as possible in these exceptional circumstances.

Meetings of fewer than 10 people are arranged with caution. Almost all meetings are remote meetings and we travel for work only when it is absolutely necessary. Special care is taken during visits to properties and construction sites.

Our top priority is to ensure the health and well-being of our personnel and our customers. We continue to deliver on our customer promises and keep our projects rolling. Good remote working tools help us achieve this. We also want to ensure a good home-life balance for our personnel during this exceptional time by being flexible.

Our experts are at your service

All of our customer meetings have been moved to remote meetings or rescheduled for a later date. You will find information on our upcoming webinars and live streams on our social media channels. We want to offer our expertise even in these exceptional conditions.

We will operate according to these different rules until it is safe for us to return to our standard operating methods. We will continue to be available for our customers and we are working to ensure that business continues and we are able to deliver on our customer promises even in these challenging conditions. An open attitude and cooperation have an even more significant role in exceptional circumstances.

Granlund’s team