Granlund’s new strategy boils down to well-being

Granlund published its new five-year strategy on 17 February 2016 at the Heureka science museum.

The internal launch event welcomed almost 300 Granlund employees, while each subsidiary held an event of its own for personnel. As such, the strategy was presented in 12 different locations.

The Granlund 2020 strategy focuses on well-being.

”We spent a long time considering how to crystallise our extensive activities and the reasons for our existence. The discussions highlighted people and well-being in several ways. We work with properties but all properties exist to serve people. This is how our mission ultimately became ”well-being in the built environment,” says CEO Pekka Metsi.

Granlund’s foundations continue to rest on designing building services. During the strategic period, the international success of the software business and consultancy expertise with an emphasis on new mindsets will also assume a significant role.

”Our vision became ”international reformer”, as we aim to be a major generator of new ideas in our sector. In addition, internationalisation is one of our key goals in the upcoming five-year period,” Metsi says of the company’s future objectives.

The strategy process, which began last autumn, involved the entire personnel in various ways. The success of the strategy will only become apparent in the implementation phase so Granlund considered it particularly important to get all of the employees committed at the very beginning of the process.

The preparation process involved several working groups, which activated numerous people in various ways to think about the company’s current operations and its future objectives. During the strategy work, the entire personnel were asked for their views on matters such as societal changes that could affect the company, as well as on the values of the company.

In questions related to values, the personnel thought that the values from the previous strategy continued to form a strong basis for the company’s activities. The new strategy retains the values of excellent customer experience and benefit and personnel well-being. The Granlund 2020 process also highlighted the values of innovation and expertise and responsibility.

Metsi is satisfied with the outcome of the demanding process.

”All in all, the strategy creation process was a great success. The next step is to put it all into practice. Naturally, there are already plans in place for that.”

Further information:

Pekka Metsi
CEO, Granlund Oy
+358 40 529 6509