Granlund will continue as a data center consultant

Granlund and CSC have agreed on a contract extension.

Four years ago Granlund concluded a consultancy contract with CSC (IT Center for Science Ltd.) regarding data center design, consultancy and building services for UPM’s old paper mill site in Kajaani. CSC built two data centers in Kajaani during the contract period. At the beginning of June 2014, the two companies concluded a new contract meaning the excellent cooperation will continue for another four years. Granlund’s quality scores were particularly good in the bid comparison.

CSC’s data centers in Kajaani have Finland’s most powerful computers called Sisu and Taito. The company is now expanding its operations on the site and a 700 kW data center cooled by outside air is currently being built in Kajaani.  Granlund is responsible for design, building, supervision, the introduction as well as monitoring during the warranty period. Granlund Manager will be used as the maintenance and warranty period monitoring tool.

For more information:

Jari Innanen
Design Director, data centers
Granlund Oy
+358 50 563 8233

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