Granlund to strengthen its presence in Sweden

Lykil Automation and Granlund have signed a partner agreement regarding Granlund Manager sales in Sweden.

Lykil Automation is a subsidiary of a privately owned electrical installer Lykil, based in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

”Sweden and Scandinavia in a wider context are part of our local market, and it is therefore consistent for us to aim at a stronger foothold there. This cooperation is an excellent way of achieving our objectives”, says Otto Åkerberg, Regional Manager, Scandinavia of Granlund.

Lykil is specialized in electrical, BMS and security systems. It offers a high-quality BMS service and various installation services. The company was established in 1978 and is today one of the largest operators in its field in Sweden.

”We are very happy to start this cooperation with Granlund that offers a world-class energy efficiency services. This cooperation ensures us the possibility of providing additional services for energy reporting, which we consider extremely important, states Patrik Eriksson, CEO of Lykil Automation.

”With this partnership the customers of Lykil Automation can also obtain Energy and Performance optimization features of Granlund Manager, which ensures them visibility and control of their energy usage”, Åkerberg continues.

Want to know more? Please contact:

Otto Åkerberg
Regional Manager, Scandinavia
+358 50 3100 121