Granlund to found a consultancy firm

New solutions for developing the built environment

Finland’s leading energy efficiency experts, Granlund Group, are founding a consultation subsidiary. Granlund Consulting Oy will provide comprehensive building consultation services, including property asset management, cost control, property management and energy/environment consulting services. The company will provide its services to property owners, users, builders and service companies.

Starting on 1 June 2015, Granlund Consulting will be led by Miia Anttila, who has previously held positions at Ramboll Group and Pöyry in property consultancy management. The new company will initially employ 30 people, most of whom will be experts moving over from the parent company. It is intended that the company’s employee count will double during the first year. The company will begin recruiting ten new employees from the start.

“Granlund Consulting will bring new solutions for developing the built environment in a responsible and cost-effective way. Our operations will rely on Granlund’s respected engineering and computing expertise, which we intend to supplement with big data on, for example, building energy optimisation,” says Miia Anttila on the basis of Granlund Consulting’s service portfolio. The company’s aim is to improve the cost and energy efficiency of buildings and to increase transparency in the field, which is something customers will notice in increased profits from their property assets.

”Granlund Consulting has been founded because we want to introduce new expert services to the real estate sector. Miia Anttila, the new company’s CEO, has extensive experience in the field and a vision for meeting customers’ new needs. The key words for the new company are: openness, customer focus, cost awareness, responsibility and taking advantage of digitisation,” says Pekka Metsi, the chairman of the Board.

The Granlund Consulting website, launched in September, has received a great deal of praise. The intent behind the website implementation was to think in a new way and emphasise the experts instead of implementing the website in the typical way in the industry.

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Further information:

Miia Anttila
CEO, Granlund Consulting Oy
tel. +358 40 673 7479