Granlund Saimaa involved in railway bridge modernization projects

The industrial automation team working together with the Finnish Transport Agency

Railway lines often cross waterways in Finland and sometimes railway bridges have to be opened to allow water transport to pass through. The Finnish Transport Agency has started bridge modernization projects in which Granlund Saimaa has been involved for several years. The industrial automation team has modernized the control of, for example, the Pielisjoki railway and road bridge in Joensuu as well as the Tammisaari and Tahkoluoto railway bridges. The team has been responsible for the design, implementation and introduction phase. Currently the team is working on the modernization of the Pirtinvirta bridge in Varkaus. The project will take place during 2014 and 2015.

Railway bridges that open up are usually remote controlled from either the water or road traffic control room. The modernization projects include replacing the old relay centers with new logic control systems and control with a PC control room. In case of faults and for maintenance purposes, all bridges have been equipped with the possibility of local control using traditional switches, buttons and signal lights. Local control works even if there is no logic and control room connection.

Further information:
Harri Hyypiä
Project Manager, industrial automation
Granlund Saimaa Oy