Granlund-Ramboll consulting group to plan the implementation of the Siltasairaala hospital

Building services for the digital hospital of the future.

The project plan for the Siltasairaala hospital – the largest investment in the history of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa – was approved by the HUS Board of Directors in December. The Granlund-Ramboll consulting group continues to be responsible for the project’s building services.

The Siltasairaala hospital will be located in the Meilahti campus area and will replace the current Töölö hospital as well as part of the current Department of Oncology. True to its name (”Siltasairaala” translates as ”bridge hospital”), the hospital serves as a bridge between the Tower Hospital and the Department of Oncology.

”The integration of a large new hospital into the Meilahti campus area requires building services arrangements in order to guarantee patient safety and the functional use of the current hospital buildings throughout the project,” says Santeri Kondakov, Granlund’s Hospital Design Director, in reference to the challenges for building services.

Ramboll Finland Ltd and Granlund Oy are responsible for the project’s HVAC, automation, electrical and telecommunications design, as well as for the design of the hospital’s fixed equipment. The Siltasairaala hospital will be a digital hospital of the future with nearly 50 electrical, telecommunications and safety systems. The integrated digital systems will make work easier for medical staff by reducing overlaps. Patient comfort on the premises will improve.

The design team has developed energy-efficient solutions together with the Siltasairaala hospital, and they are now examining possibilities for recycling the waste heat generated due to continuous cooling, thus enhancing heat recovery.

”In addition to being able to manage demanding technology, the consulting group must have good cooperation skills. The consulting group did a brilliant job during the project planning phase, and we were able to create a good atmosphere, which we hope to maintain throughout the project,” states Director Mikael Lindgren from Ramboll.

Construction of the Siltasairaala hospital will begin in 2018, and the project is expected to be completed in 2022. According to preliminary estimates, the new building’s net internal area and gross floor area will be about 32,900 m2 and 68,700 m2, respectively. Project costs are estimated at EUR 280 million.

Further information:

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Kari Kaleva, Granlund Oy
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