Granlund Plus

Get more out specialised expertise with the Granlund Plus service

Granlund Plus brings specialised expertise services together. Specialised expertise in building services technology plays a key role, particularly in the execution of demanding space solutions. Granlund wants to achieve more with the customer and make using specialised services even more convenient. The name for unique, specialised expertise is now Granlund Plus.

The idea to bring specialised expertise services together came from among the experts themselves, when it was found that widely varying services actually had a great deal in common in terms of clientele, projects and unit size. Development of this idea resulted in the Granlund Plus expert service, which more effectively brings top specialised expertise in the field to partners that appreciate high-quality design services.

”The whole idea behind the Granlund Plus service offering is very simple: We wanted to take our customers’ special needs into better consideration, bringing the expertise related to these needs together and closer to the customers. We’ve offered these services for quite some time already, but now they’re also easier to find,” explains CEO Pekka Metsi.

Customer benefit comes first
Specialised services are consolidated in order to generate synergies that comprehensively benefit the customer and co-operation between services. The wide range of specialised expertise is also now easier to procure from a customer standpoint.

”Although Granlund Plus consolidates specialised expertise, services can also be flexibly purchased individually. Primary responsibility for the development of services remains the domain of experts in each area,” says Sanna Forsman, lighting designer and head of the specialised expertise co-ordination group.

With the Granlund Plus service, the customer will have access to specialised expertise either at the beginning of a project or at a later stage.

”When using Granlund Plus services, the end users of a facility are given much greater consideration during the design phase. We are proud of the fact that that we can provide the customer with a partner, a team made up of several experts, who understand the customer’s needs,” exclaims Forsman.

More extensive expertise also in the future
The technology of specialised expertise services is developing more quickly than conventional building services technology. Even in the construction sector, which is generally considered conservative, Granlund is a unique partner: a Finnish company that actively stays at the forefront of international development through all its services. The launch of Granlund Plus services also offers career opportunities for new experts, thus uniting future talent with decades of experience.

”The very latest know-how in the field, years of experience and the continuous development of expertise give Granlund Plus services room to grow for the future. We want to be the customer’s best possible partner in every area,” sums up Metsi.

Granlund Plus services currently include:
• AV and presentation technology 
• ICT consulting 
• Data centres
• Fixed medical equipment 
• Test bed systems
• Refrigeration systems 
• Fire extinguishing 
• Cleanrooms 
• Electrical networks and emergency power 
• Lighting
• Corporate security management and design 
• Special calculations and reviews