Granlund PLUS is becoming stronger

The series of specialist seminars will continue in the spring

The Granlund PLUS service selection launched by Granlund in September has expanded with two new services. Cleanliness management during construction projects was introduced in October and presentation and theater technology in November when Teakon, the University of the Arts design unit, became part of Granlund Oy.

During a construction project, cleanliness management can impact the building’s indoor climate, healthiness, safety and life cycle costs. Successful cleanliness management also has a significant impact on the satisfaction of the future users of the building. Jukka Vasara, clean room design specialist and CEO of Granlund Kuopio Oy, is responsible for the service.

Teakon offers consultancy and design services related to performance spaces and audiovisual technology. The unit’s current projects include technical design for the new Lappeenranta City Theater as well as artistic and technical design for the Lux Helsinki light festival. Four Teakon experts transferred to Granlund and they strengthen the audiovisual and presentation technology expertise within the Granlund PLUS services. The person responsible for Teakon’s services is Senior Consultant Ilkka Paloniemi.

The Granlund PLUS specialists have held several seminars over the autumn making the specialized PLUS expertise known among Granlund’s customers and stakeholders. The seminars have discussed security and safety solutions, future scenarios for AV systems as well as the latest developments in refrigeration systems and critical power systems. According to lighting designer Sanna Forsman, the events have been very successful. “Our customers have shown a lot of interest in the specialized expertise we offer. We are planning to hold more events in the spring,” she says.

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If you are interested in taking part in the Granlund PLUS specialist seminars in the spring, you can check out the past programs and pre-register for the events. The event dates will be specified in January. Read more and sign up:

Further information:

Sanna Forsman
Lighting Designer
Tel. +358 50 3522 751

Jukka Vasara
Tel. +358 500 675 654

Ilkka Paloniemi
Senior Consultant, Teakon
Tel. +358 50 500 4141