Granlund partnering with Lux Helsinki

Light art supports the well-being of the built environment.

Granlund will be one of the partners of the Lux Helsinki event in January 2018. The collaboration aims to emphasise the importance of light art in the built environment.

Lux Helsinki will illuminate the capital from 6 to 10 January 2018, already for the tenth time. The festival, aimed for the whole family, brings light art to the centre of Helsinki with numerous works. Granlund’s signature work at the event will be ”The role of time” by Janne Ahola, with music and sound design by Aki Päivärinne, who works as Sound Designer at Granlund. The basis for the work is the over century-long history of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and its purpose of use, changed over the course of time. The work is executed using the projection mapping technique.

Granlund is now a partner of Lux Helsinki for the second time. ”Light art is a great way for buildings to come alive at the darkest time of the year. Light art can help improve well-being in the built environment, and we want to contribute to this development,” says Granlund’s CEO Pekka Metsi.

Granlund has also implemented light art in its own offices, where a new version of the company’s signature work from last year, Light Pipes, was built. Design by Ridanpää & Laine, Loimu is a 12-metre interactive work made of copper tubes and lights, which now illuminates the entry to Granlund’s headquarters, delighting both staff and customers.

Artistic Director for Lux Helsinki, Ilkka Paloniemi, works as Senior Consultant, Presentation Technology at Granlund. He has seen the development of light art in Finland over the last ten years, but hopes its significance will become more pronounced. ”Light art creates immensely great uses for buildings. In the dark, it could be used to highlight properties better and improve the built environment in a whole new way. Above all, light art delights the users of premises.”

Further information:

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Ilkka Paloniemi
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Image: Lauri Rotko/Korppi Films Oy