Granlund Manager refreshes its international visual identity

Granlund Manager has created a new skin for international markets.

New website has been opened with the intention of providing even better service to the company’s international customers and partners. The Finnish website will remain unchanged.

”We wanted to brighten up our message and highlight the added value that Granlund Manager provides to our customers outside Finland. We enable our customers to become pioneers, and this must also be communicated by our visual identity and message,” says Jan Pawli, Granlund’s Vice president, International Software Business.

The update brought Granlund Manager a clear message and an appearance that highlights visuality.

”We spent some time thinking about what kinds of added value we have provided to our customers, what they get from us, and what they expect from us, particularly the markets in China and the Middle East. And it is rather simple: we give them the possibility to make fantastic savings in terms of energy and costs. Our customers have large properties with a lot of potential. We create opportunities to exploit that potential to the full,” Pawli says.

In addition to the new website, Granlund Manager’s English brochure was also updated, and several customer stories were created – in the future, the objective is to make many more of these. 

”You can always claim that your product is the best, but customers always say it better. That is why it is great that our customers have told us about their successes as users of Granlund Manager – they have provided our software with a face. We intend to tell more and more of these stories in the future, and we will also publish them on our website.”

The customer stories are on Granlund’s Issuu service, as well as on the website. The service currently has customer stories from Radisson Blue Beijing and Senate Properties, as well as examples of how Granlund Manager has been used in the telecoms field and in hospitals.

”Our work in international fields is progressing superbly. We have succeeded in the targets we have set – we now have two offices overseas and amazing partner contacts. Our work will continue at a rapid pace,” Pawli summarises.

Further information:
Jan Pawli
Director, International software business
tel. +358 40 764 8390