Granlund Manager Mobile for iOS released

The Granlund Manager Mobile, previously available for Android, was released for iOS just before Christmas. The app was developed in cooperation with our clients and it enables property maintenance regardless of the user’s location. The mobile app enables access to key information about property maintenance needs, helps reaching the correct people, and saves time for actual maintenance work.

For Android devices, the Granlund Manager Mobile app has been available since the summer of 2017. The iOS version development was initiated due to the good experiences and excellent client feedback from the Android version. The Android version has reached the mark of 1,000 active users this autumn. The trend is obvious; mobile use is increasing rapidly.

In most countries, Android dominates the market (85%), but in Finland, the user volumes of Apple devices are above the average.

“Apple is widely used by many of our customers, and we want to provide them with equally excellent service,” says Technology Director Kenneth Lassila.

Users were included in the early phases of the development of the new iOS app. During the process, usability was ensured through several interviews and pilot tests.

“The result is an intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use tool,” Lassila continues.

A mobile operational model improves property maintenance quality

Granlund Manager Mobile supports a modern mobile property maintenance model, offering new features such as push notifications, maps and working offline. They help mobile personnel perform their tasks with maximum flexibility and efficiency without unnecessary intermediate steps or transitions.

“The iOS version has the same advantages as the Android app released this summer. These advantages are especially obvious in the maintenance of large and scattered properties. Sites do not need to be visited in a specific order, but rather according to their urgency. The mobile app also makes property managers’ and owners’ work more effective. For instance, approval procedures are more efficient, which can be seen by the property users in improved quality of service,” says Jack Westrén-Doll, Director of Granlund’s Software department.

For more information, please contact:

Kenneth Lassila
Technology Director
tel. +358 50 568 6083