Granlund Manager launched in the Philippines

Granlund and Bleu Pierre FMC successfully launch the Granlund Manager in Manila in May.

The launch for Granlund Manager CMMs software for the Philippine markets was held in conjunction of the PABA (Philippines Association of Building Administrators) meeting in Manila on May 17. Granlund´s Vice President Jan Pawli opened the event with a presentation of Granlund Manager.

After the general introduction, Granlund’s Director of Manager Services, Veikko Martiskainen, gave a hands-on online demo of the system.

“We had a very active Q&A session with a lot of interest from the people attending,” said Martiskainen.

“This strengthened the understanding that the Philippine market is missing a tool for helping the building owners to save cost and energy,” explained Pawli.

“We are now ready to answer the needs of the building owners with the solutions offered by Granlund Manager and our Phillippine partner, Bleu Pierre FMC. Entering the Philippine market is very exciting and the prospects are promising,” Pawli added.

The launch, attended by about 60 guests, was capped off by Mr. Denis Reyes, the CEO of Bleu Pierre FMC. Mr. Reyes introduced the services of Bleu Pierre FMC, which is Granlund´s local partner in the Philippines.