Granlund Manager is used by McDonald’s

McDonald’s needs no introduction as a company, but the fact that the activities of the restaurants are controlled using Granlund Manager could perhaps be explained a little further.

McDonald’s gave up Excel spreadsheets and began to control the maintenance management of its restaurants with the help of the Granlund Manager software.

At first, three restaurants in the Helsinki region were connected to the application. Food preparation equipment and HVAC systems managed by the restaurant staff were entered into the Granlund Manager database. The necessary inspection and maintenance programs were then created to meet the needs and quality system requirements. All maintenance documentation was also converted into an electronic form and recorded in the application.

Based on the positive experience, McDonald’s then extended the system to cover all of its corporately owned restaurants during the winter of 2012-2013 and since the autumn of 2013 Granlund Manager has been used for controlling maintenance procedures and inspections and for managing the related documentation of all McDonald’s locations in Finland, in other words over 80 restaurants.

In addition to maintenance management, Granlund Manager also has a project bank related to the restaurants’ construction and renovation activities. Designers, contractors and others are able to record their documentation in the system during a project. After the project has been completed, the material will be included in the documents of the restaurant in question.

The restaurants operate in a demanding environment and therefore we had to expand our mindset and look for new solutions. The flexibility and adaptability of the Granlund Manager application makes it possible to have suitable procedures for this environment, ensuring high quality burgers in the future.