Granlund Manager introduced to Espoo

Granlund won the competitive bidding process

In the autumn of 2012, Granlund Manager was the winner of the Espoo Premises Department’s competitive bidding process.

The aim of the bidding process was to find a modern and flexible property maintenance management system that could easily be integrated with the city’s other applications.

The delivery of the system proceeded according to plan. The project was challenging and there were some surprises along the way, but we managed to deal with them thanks to our collaboration. Hundreds of users were trained during the autumn of 2013 and the system was officially brought into use at the end of October. Granlund Manager is currently used as the maintenance management system for some 750 properties.

 “The goals regarding the completion of the project were exceeded. The system was introduced according to the original schedule and user feedback has been very positive.”

Carl Slätis, Managing Director