Photo: Bravida
Photo: Bravida

Granlund Manager helps Bravida Service Management increase transparency with its clients

Bravida Service Management AB has found Granlund Manager as a valuable tool in increasing transparency with its clients. 

Bravida Service Management (part of Bravida Group) has been using Granlund Manager for nearly two years to improve its energy optimization projects and help with servicing client portals.

Originally Granlund Manager was purchased by Bravida to make energy consumption more visible, but nowadays Bravida´s service management division uses almost all the modules available in the software. For instance, the spare part management module of Granlund Manager is used fully in Bravida’s distribution center.

Goodbye to excel sheets

Through using several modules of Granlund Manager, Bravida has been able to increase transparency of their clients´ operations, as well as Bravida´s work for them. The Granlund Manager software has also enabled making the achieved results clearly visible in an easily comparable form.

“We don´t need the separate excel sheet anymore that we were using before getting Granlund Manager. We are now able to utilize the latest, up-to-date information available for optimizing our business operations,” says Ildiko Czabala, Energy Engineer, from Bravida Service Management. 

We are now able to utilize the latest, up-to-date information available for optimizing our business operations.

Ildiko Czabala, Energy Engineer, Bravida Service Management 

Improving customer experience

Granlund Manager is designed with customer experience in mind and the many options the software offers are helpful also in improving the end-customer experience.  Visualizing information in an easy to read format is one of its strengths. At Bravida Service Management one of the aims was to improve customer experience and enable closer collaboration with their clients through using Granlund Manager.

“We have succeeded and even surpassed our expectations with the many options the software offers. We have been able to develop our customer experience and collaboration, as well as build trust between us and our clients. We have been very satisfied with the increased transparency that using Granlund Manager provides for us and for our clients,” Czabala emphasizes.

Bravida Service Management has over 50,000 clients in the Nordics and works with all systems that bring buildings and facilities to life. Bravida offers technical end-to-end solutions over the life of a property, from consulting and design to installation and service.