Granlund Manager has improved its popular features

The Audit process and the Mobile app have new updates.

Granlund Manager Audit process updates

Service area selection

Audit process now has its own service area selection with its own validity period, providing better control mechanism for audit service area visibility.

New audit phases and possibility to schedule a new audit

New phases Draft and Approved are added to the Audit process. It is possible for customer to determine whether to take Approved status in use.

When an audit is done or approved, Granlund Manager suggests the creation of a future audit draft. The same audit template, service area and auditor are selected automatically for the draft. The new function provides an easy and systematic way to plan future audits.

Mobile app release

Add/edit/remove favourite assets

The most requested mobile feature has been launched in the latest mobile app update. Instead of using the web version, user can now add, edit or remove favourite asset directly from the app, significantly improving the usability of the app.

Task ID number visible

ID number of service request, maintenance task and maintenance notes are clearly shown in task list and their detailed page, making it easier for the user to handle the tasks.