Granlund Manager distributor network is expanding in Sweden

Granlund has concluded a collaboration agreement with Ebab Installationsteknik AB. The agreement includes the right to act as a Granlund Manager distributor in the Swedish market. Ebab installationsteknik is a Swedish consultancy firm that provides construction, project management and property development services as well as energy consultancy and property management services. In addition to Stockholm, the company has offices in Malmö and Gothenburg.

Ebab has extensive experience in the Swedish market and a wide customer base. The Granlund Manager business will enable the company to strengthen its customer relationships and expand into a new business area. Thanks to the collaboration agreement, Granlund Manager customers in Sweden will have access to similar service packages as those in Finland.

Further information:

Otto Åkerberg
Sales Manager
Granlund Oy
Tel. +358 50 3100 121