Granlund Manager as a competitive edge in Abu Dhabi

True to its name, AlSaher Facility Management Services is a maintenance services company that never sleeps – AlSaher means sleepless. For customers, this means 24/7 service. The company’s idea of taking a modern Computer Aided Facility Management system (CMMS) into use has already proven efficient: AlSaher has been able to save up to 50% in service time, which translates into better service for customers. The company also believes that by adopting the latest technology, it will support highly important environmental work by saving energy.

“We’re not like all other maintenance or facility management companies. We’re always looking for a more advanced way to serve our customers, and this is why we’ve chosen to adopt the Granlund Manager system. Not only does it make customer service faster but it makes it more cost-effective. It also makes us stand out from the competition,” explains Mohamed Al Seddiq Mutawa, CEO of AlSaher Facility Management Services.

50% savings in service time and new ways of working

Since AlSaher adopted Granlund Manager the company has been able to save 50% service time compared to the previous working methods. All information concerning the property can be found in the system: assets, their location, drawings, manuals, maintenance notes and warranties, to name just a few.

“For our customers, the value of using Granlund Manager is better service quality with faster response times and follow-up of maintenance tasks. As we operate in the residential area, people expect service technicians to act quickly and with certainty, not through a process of trial and error,” Mohamed explains.

“We’ve learnt a lot from the Granlund Manager system. It has given us ideas on how to improve our business, not only with customers but also with partners,” Mohamed Al Seddiq Mutawa emphasises.

Smart facility management with smartphones

All the service teams have smartphones with the Granlund Manager mobile application. The team receives a service request, detailed information on the issue, a location and guidance via the application.

“When our service people visit the customer’s property, they know what they’re there to do, and they can update the service information to the system on site. The information is available to everyone immediately: both to our customer and our Network Operations Center, which I consider very important. This kind of transparency gives customers a lot of confidence and reduces the possibility of communication error,” emphasises Mohamed Al Seddiq Mutawa.

“Granlund Manager also makes our service staff happier, as they now have good tools and guidance with which to do their jobs in an efficient way. With this system, they also get a response from customers, which makes their work more satisfying,” concludes Mohamed Al Seddiq Mutawa.