Granlund is the leading building services company in Finland

SKOL ry has published its members' invoicing statistics for 2013

SKOL ry (the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms) has published its member companies’ invoicing statistics for 2013. According to the statistics, Granlund remained the Finnish leader in the fields of HVAC, electrical, telecommunications and security engineering. Furthermore, Granlund remained among the top three in the facilities management and maintenance sector and held fourth place as a condition assessment company.

The statistics seem positive for the entire consulting industry. The total invoicing of the SKOL member companies for 2013 amounted to EUR 1.5 billion which shows an 18% increase from the previous year. The industry is growing even though the Finnish economy is suffering from a downturn. The building design and construction sector is doing well with 15% growth last year. One of the reasons behind this is the constant development of renovations which provides a lot of work particularly for the building services sector. International operations, on the other hand, seem to be diminishing, which is a major threat. The events earlier this year indicate that this transformation is continuing.

The building design and construction sector accounts for 30% of the SKOL member companies’ total invoicing. In 2013, the amount of invoicing in Finland totaled EUR 476 million (EUR 410 million) and in export EUR 24 million (EUR 27 million). The sectors that grew the most in Finland were monitoring and inspection, geotechnical engineering and construction. Structural design accounted for over half of export activities and building services a little less than one third.

The SKOL member companies are forecasting 3.5% growth for the industry this year. Granlund CEO Pekka Metsi believes that there will be no dramatic market changes in the near future.

“It seems that the market is actually going in a positive direction in terms of design and customers are investing in quality and partnerships,” he explains. He does, however, believe that there is room for improvement in the level of collaboration within the industry. “Many projects are successful and these positive examples should be given more attention.”

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SKOL ry’s invoicing statistics for 2013 are available at (in Finnish)

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