Granlund International is strengthening its sales

Anita Kalergis started as a Head of Sales, Granlund Middle East at the beginning of February.

Her main responsibilities include direct customer sales to hospital, school and hotel sectors in the United Arab Emirates. Anita is stationed in the company’s Middle East office in Dubai.

– I am pleased to be able to work with such a world-class product as Granlund Manager. Additionally, I strongly believe that we are active in this market at the right time, as it is beginning to be ready for our product, says Anita.

Anita is very familiar with Granlund Manager, as she was previously employed by Broadfolio and worked together with Granlund. As a Partner and Senior Consult in Broadfolio she was responsible for consulting services related to internationalisation and sales in Dubai. Prior to this she was working in various positions in a global medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) and in sales and marketing in Helsingin Kromipainoteollisuus during several years.

If you wish to know more, please contact:

Anita Kalergis
Head of Sales
+971 56 4905 191