Granlund has 120 hospital designers

Specialists get together in Tampere

Granlund’s hospital designers get together every two years at a seminar to discuss topical matters within the health care sector. This year the event was held at Granlund Tampere Oy’s  office on 17 September. The aim of the seminar was to share information about the special features and trends in hospital design among specialists. This year over 80 hospital designers of the group’s 120 designers specialized in the health care sector took part in the seminar.  

The hospital design seminar is a way for us to ensure that the group’s designers have the latest information regarding regulations and guidelines. In addition, we are able to inform our customers of the new developments and product solutions” says Granlund’s Deputy Managing Director Kari Kaleva.

In addition to building services design, many of the specialized Granlund PLUS services are included in the scope of hospital design. This year’s seminar included Anssi Hakarinne’s presentation on fixed medical equipment design and Aki Väänänen’s presentation on ensuring the performance of fire extinguishing systems. Anne-Maria Vierinen talked about the environmental classification systems for hospital projects. Hospital Engineer Juhani Jauhiainen from Tampere University Hospital offered a customer’s point of view when he discussed customer requirements in terms of good design. The day ended with an excursion to the Tampere Rantatunneli, a tunnel on Highway 12 that will be carried out as an alliance project.         

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