Granlund Designer is heading to Europe

The Granlund international software business is taking new steps to chart opportunities around the world.

 The newest offering, Granlund Designer, is seeking new markets from Europe. Granlund Designer is a cloud based software for managing MEP equipment specifications and schedules for MEP designers, contractors and project managers.

Director of business Ville Kyytsönen tells that the new solution has been well received abroad and that the active finding of partners is in the making. During the autumn there has been more detailed planning for Netherlands as an example.

– We regard Netherlands as an interesting market as they are very advanced in utilizing BIM as it comes to processes and software. We also have some good contacts there alredy, thanks to the Innovation Platformn collaboration.

Finding out what is going on requires a lot of footwork and visiting the potential customers, resellers and other stakeholders where they are.

– We had a very interesting visit to Deventer, NL, where we met six companies. The goal was to get better understand of the MEP design and construction process in Netherlands. The companies were a good mix of consultants, designers and contractors. It was great to see how open the companies were to tell about their projects and processes and how they could be improved. They saw it beneficial to benchmark their work with Granlund. Kyytsönen believes that during the autumn we will have clear path to follow.

– At end of the year we will certainly have more news to share.

For more information, contact:

Ville Kyytsönen, Director, Designer Business
+35840 703 4562