Granlund Consulting’s local expertise helped bring Corum AM to Finland

French property investor Corum Asset Management made its very first Finnish purchases with the support of Granlund Consulting.

Corum AM is now the owner of two properties in Finland, one located in Pori and the other in Lahti. Both were sold by SSR Group, a Finnish construction company specializing in residential and commercial construction.

In Pori, Corum AM bought a modern retail property, currently leased to sports retailer XXL and consumer electronics retailer Gigantti. The price of the transaction totaled 9 million euros. In Lahti, the building Corum AM took over used to function as the city’s bus station, and it is currently leased to private businesses. The value of the transaction is not disclosed.

Granlund Consulting provided Corum AM with a market study of the two regions, including things such as other nearby retail sites, the residents’ purchasing power and traffic flows as well as an extensive risk assessment. Local knowledge and an understanding of the commercial strengths of the districts brought valuable perspectives to Corum AM’s decision-making process.

“The most important points for Corum were our assessments of the areas’ development potential, their competitive situations and the tenants’ ability to succeed in the region,” explains Susanna Sairanen, Group Manager at Granlund Consulting. “From our point of view, the collaboration with Corum went excellently.”

“We were very satisfied by the work Granlund Consulting has done, allowing us to get a very good and comprehensive grasp of the areas. They delivered in a tight schedule, which was very much appreciated”, says Investment Manager Pauline Attali from Corum.