Granlund and Calypso Business Solutions Sdn Bhd join forces to make the digital transformation processes easier in Malaysia

Cooperation strive for a better customer service in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region.

To support the business in the growing markets in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region, Granlund and Kuala Lumpur based Calypso Business Solutions have agreed on partnering to be able to serve customers with digitalization projects better.

Calypso Business Solutions Sdn Bhd´s expertise lies in project management and providing a first class service to customers. Their main business focus is on ERP, CRM, BI and Digital projects management from end to end with a goal to  build solid relationships with customers by listening to them, understanding their requirements, delivering on expectations and supporting the customers after the projects roll out. Calypso Business Solution´s expertise in professional consulting services will be well matched with Granlund´s portfolio.

Rapid digitalization on the Malaysian markets

The South East Asia market of more than 625 million people is developing rapidly, especially what comes digitalization. The Malaysian government supports the country´s plans to become a local and global hub for tech startups and entrepreneurs, as well as connecting ASEAN and global digital ecosystems.

In this fast-moving digitalization journey, Calypso Business Solutions serves companies from diverse business areas who are seeking best solutions to run their business efficiently and cost effectively.

”We spend time providing advice to our customers on the best way to improve their operational processes so they can get more efficiency and better productivity,” says Gerard Aroule, the Managing Director of Calypso Business Solutions.  ”Our job is mainly to listen and understand our customers challenge, give them confidence on the best solution to streamline their operational processes, and support their move into the digital world, with the newest technologies available in the market,” Gerard adds.

Granlund and Calypso Business Solutions

The partnership between Granlund and Calypso Business Solutions will help both companies to work as one team and grow their respective business in the Asia Pacific region.

”Granlund has great  spirit and a mindset that is well-suited for the demands in the Malaysian market. I strongly believe on the potential of our joint team to provide them with world-class solutions,” says Gerard. His belief is backed up with around 10 years of experience in finance, and Information Systems projects management in the Asia-Pacific region.
”Gerard and his consultants have a superior understanding and excellent connections in the Asian and Malaysian markets, which is a great asset to us,” says Veikko Martiskainen, Director, Granlund Manager Services, Granlund International.

”They have demonstated that success can be achieved with teamwork and perseverance, with a positive mindset and of course a lot of passion in what they do, even in fast-evolving and challenging markets. We value their experience and look forward in combining our fields of expertise to be able to serve our customers even better than before,” he ends.