Energy review for large companies during 2015

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The new directive on the energy performance of buildings requires large corporations to conduct an energy review of the company and its locations every four years.

The company review is used to investigate the company’s energy consumption profile and find possibilities of saving energy. Location reviews must be conducted for locations with significant energy consumption or locations with potentially significant energy savings during the four-year period between company reviews. Location reviews in the post-2011 Motiva model can still be used this year.

Energy reviews must be conducted for companies with either over 250 employees or a turnover of over 50 million euros and a balance sheet total of over 43 million euros. Energy consumption figures do not count towards the size of the company or the necessity for energy reviews.

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Company reviews can be conducted by reviewers with the proper qualifications; the 2015 review can still be performed with the current Motiva reviewer qualification. Qualifications are not required for location reviews. The same person can be in charge of both company and location reviews.

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