Energy modelling in Djupsundsbäcken area

Target: A carbon neutral residential area in Espoo

Granlund has drawn up a regional energy modelling report on the residential development project for the Finnoo area of the City of Espoo  with details the energy efficiency design for Djupsundsbäcken land use planning, the aim of which is a carbon neutral report complying with sustainable development. Granlund’s energy model provides practical guidelines for community planning. The most effective ways to adjust energy use were found to be decreasing energy consumption, the need for peak power and energy production emissions.

The best way to decrease energy consumption in the area is to pro-actively introduce near zero energy regulations and to decrease the consumption of hot service water. The key to managing peak energy use would be storing energy in a building-specific district heat peak power accumulator, as well as flow/return switches and utilisation of price steering, such as off-peak electricity. Peak power accumulators would decrease the need for district heat and peak power usage could be decreased by up to 30%. Energy efficiency production emissions could be reduced most effectively by developing energy production towards lower emission forms. For example, during summer energy demand could be covered almost entirely by solar energy.

Granlund’s strength in regional energy solutions is its comprehensive expertise in both construction and the use of renewable forms of energy. We compare the profitability of various energy production solutions and environmental friendliness even before the start of the city planning stage. The end result is a concrete action plan to attain energy objectives.

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