Energy efficiency project saves money and the environment

Savings of up to hundreds of thousands euros on electricity and heating consumption

Energy efficiency projects may achieve considerable cost savings and, in addition to energy savings, improve in a comprehensive way indoor conditions in properties including indoor air quality and the reliability of technical systems. During projects lasting a few years, our customers have achieved savings of up to several hundreds of thousands of euros in electricity and heating consumption. A good example is the Forum shopping centre in Helsinki, where savings of up to 730,000 euros were achieved during a three-year project and the Lippulaiva shopping centre, where savings are estimated to be 200,000 euros by 2018.

The content of each project will be individually tailored. The methods to achieve energy savings include adjusting the operation of ventilation, lighting and cooling solutions, the storing of cold condensate, utilising solar energy and developing automation engineering.

We support our customers all the way through the project from the estimation of investment costs and energy savings to the drawing up of the project plan and, when needed, the submission of an energy subsidy application. At the implementation stage, we will carry the responsibility of competitive tendering, construction and supervision.

Moreover, it is important for us to implement the post-supervision of the project and to ensure that the indoor conditions and savings meet the advanced expectations. From the perspective of the customers, Granlund’s energy efficiency projects is a sure-fire solution, where all alternatives have been taken into account in advance.

Further information:

Sami Kalliokoski
senior consultant, building automation

Jani Nevalainen
group manager, building automation