DRUMBEAT moves data modelling to the Web

Granlund Oy is involved in the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation funded DRUMBEAT business project that aims to develop new ICT solutions for moving data modelling to a web service environment. The project is a part of the Agency’s Witty City programme, which is being implemented during 2013–2017.

The DRUMBEAT project aims to develop an open web service environment for construction projects and properties. The service would include web and mobile applications for construction project and property maintenance operators.

The new technology created in the project will be used to transform established IFC format model files into a web-based architecture instead of BIM databases. This facilitates the publishing, management and use of building part level data. The management of both data linked to the parts and dependencies between parts is improved when every building part in the model has its own web address. Model data can be used from the web service environment, which means building parts in different templates can be linked to each other, as well as to corporate systems and external data sources.

”Granlund’s responsibility for this project is to develop next-generation solutions to support data model utilization in property maintenance. The greatest focus is on the development of our Granlund Manager software. In addition, we are adding new contractor functionality to our Granlund Designer software that makes it easier to gather important As Built information, such as functionality for equipment approval processes,” says Tuomas Laine, Granlund’s Director for Innovation and Development.

DRUMBEAT is a 2.5-year business project that will continue until 2017. The project has a budget of nearly EUR 7 million. Other participants in the project alongside Granlund Oy are Tekla Oy, Solibri Oy, Progman Oy, Skanska Oy, Parma Oy, the Aalto University and VTT Oy.

Further information:

Tuomas Laine
Director, Innovation and Development
Granlund Oy
tel. +358 50 568 6093