Data center know-how meeting international standards requires international cooperation

Granlund, the leading data center designer and consultant in the Nordics, implements the standards of Uptime Institute in the Nordic countries to ensure that data centers being built will meet international demands. Improving operations will not be made at the cost of energy efficiency.

In the last few years, data center construction in Europe has increased by 10 percent annually. According to predictions, data centers will account for 7 percent out of the electrical energy consumed around the world by the year 2020.

– Here in Nordic countries, we need to understand the growing demands present in the design of international data centers. The business of data center construction is an opportunity that we cannot miss in Finland, since we have such huge potential here, says Jari Innanen, Department Director of Mission Critical at Granlund.

To be included in international tenders, Finnish data centers must be able to meet the standards of international design, management, and operation. This also sets demands for the designers and users of data centers.

– Meeting international standards is not possible through cooperation and training only. The standards created by Uptime Institute are some the most used standards worldwide, and we help our client to meet them, summarizes Innanen.

During the last few years, Granlund’s Mission Critical department, which not consists of 25 people, has lead significant data center projects that have focused on international standards and energy efficiency.

– According to our calculations and analysis, projects that involve the heat recovery ventilation of data centers are by default profitable. Investing in heat recovery ventilation can achieve millions in savings for the data center supplier and the energy company. It is a myth that operations meeting the international standards would hinder the efficiency of a data center. In all our projects that meet the TIER 3 standards, PUE has been under 1.13, says Innanen.

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a measure of how efficiently a computer data center uses energy. The figure is calculated by dividing the total energy consumed by the data center by the electrical energy used by the IT equipment. The theoretical minimum of PUE is 1.

Granlund and Uptime Institute have deepened their cooperation strongly in recent years. Experts from Uptime Institute will arrive in Finland on Tuesday 13 June to give a presentation on international data center design at a joint seminar in Musiikkitalo.

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