C&W Services co-hosted a high-profile seminar with Granlund in Singapore

C&W Services, in cooperation with Granlund, held an international seminar "The Next Frontier – Asset Management driven by data analytics" in Singapore on 18 April 2018.

The high-profile, closed seminar was arranged by C&W Services (the facilities and engineering arm of Cushman & Wakefield) , a leading service provider in facility management, integrated facility management and workplace solutions both globally and regionally in Southeast Asia. In addition to Granlund, the participants included expert data analytics and asset management speakers from Australia, a professor from the National University of Singapore and representatives from the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which is thebuilding and construction department (BCA) under the Ministry of National Development.

“It was an honour for Granlund to be invited to participate and be one of the key speakers in this event,“ said Veikko Martiskainen, Director of Granlund Manager Services.  “Our aim was to share and exchange ideas and compare challenges in data collection and BIM utilization in facility management with the other participants. We also wanted to raise awareness of the Granlund Manager CMMS Software and our Digital Twin solution that will be released in the summer of 2018,” Martiskainen added.

The topics covered in Granlund´s presentations concentrated on data utilization and the challenges of accurate data collection, as well as how to create robust platforms.  The participants found the long history of data utilization in Finnish buildings insightful.  Especially the Granlund Manager Digital Twin solution and the possibilities it opens for utilizing BIM and IoT in facility management aroused a great interest among the participants.

“The event was successful and the participants showed great interest in our solutions. The event reinforced our presence in the Southeast Asia, where we have been actively promoting the CMMS software in the past two years. I am excited that we will be able to continue discussions with the BCA and other participants in another workshop in May,” Martiskainen sums up.

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Director, Granlund Manager Services
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