Cooperation between Citycon Oyj and Granlund

Extensive cooperation to begin

Citycon Oyj and Granlund have signed an extensive agreement regarding energy management consultancy as well as software related to the management of property maintenance data.

Citycon and Granlund have worked together for years, solving property maintenance and energy efficiency challenges. Now the companies have expanded and strengthened their collaboration by signing an extensive agreement regarding energy management consultancy and property maintenance software. The agreement covers all Citycon sites in Finland.

The agreement is a framework agreement. It includes hourly remote readings of energy and water consumption and the management of related data transmission arrangements, energy reporting and constant monitoring of energy efficiency as well as controlling services. In addition, the companies can collaborate with each other under the framework agreement in terms of consultancy, training and design services related to thedevelopment of energy efficiency.

In terms of software, the framework agreement includes service agreements regarding the Granlund Manager maintenance management system as well as an agreement regarding software integration between Manager and Citycon’s financial management software. In addition, shopping centers can introduce the Metrix software which is part of the Manager family of products. Metrix turns the data collected through a building automation system into real-time indicators that represent a building’s performance.