Considerable energy saving opportunities discussed in the Malmö breakfast seminar

A group of colleagues from different organizations gathered in Granlund´s breakfast seminar on energy efficiency in Malmö Live on June 15, 2018.  The event concentrated on energy-saving possibilities through the management and integration of energy performance processes.

The breakfast event hosted by Granlund in Malmö Live provided participants with an opportunity to find out how Karlskrona municipality and the city of Malmö have succeeded in achieving considerable energy savings through improving processes and adopting Granlund Manager as their energy management partner. 

Otto Åkerberg from Granlund was delighted to welcome Tomas Olsson from Karlskrona municipality and Percy Holmgren from the City of Malmö to share their topical experiences in energy saving measures.  Åkerberg explained how energy measurement processes work best as integrated practices inviting the whole organization to participate instead of being implemented as a separate energy conservation project. He also demonstrated the applicability of Granlund Manager as an energy saving system.

Following Åkerberg´s introduction, Tomas Olsson discussed the organization in Karlskrona, their property maintenance processes and how the municipality´s buildings are maintained through Granlund Manager.  Olsson explained how Karlskrona municipality has been able to reach 5 million euros in savings as a result of working consistently towards getting the whole organization aligned in the energy management and conservation practices.  They have also been able to standardize the processes to the degree that employees are able to work as each others´ vacation substitutes.

The good experiences with Granlund Manager´s ability to streamline processes have also been evidenced in Malmö. Percy Holmgren from Malmö Live presented how they have been able to gain control of energy management procedures In the Malmö Live Centre and told about the continuing efforts to increase their energy savings further. Holmgren also revealed their current specific energy consumption to be 29,1 kWh/m2, a result of consistent and continuing work.

The breakfast seminar was seen useful, and the feedback was very positive.

”The discussion during the seminar was good and lively. The event gave people from different organizations an opportunity to meet. Being able to exchange knowledge between the organizations was perhaps the best part of the day,” Otto Åkerberg summed up after the seminar.