BREEAM certification for the Forum building

Ensured by Granlund consultancy

The Forum building owned by Oy Mercator Ab has been granted the BREEAM In-Use certification. The certification covers both the building itself as well as the use and maintenance thereof.

The rating for the building is “Good”, while the rating for the use and maintenance is “Pass”. This is the first BREEAM In-Use International certification granted in Finland.

BREEAM In-Use is a certification system for existing buildings. The assessment system consists of three parts that assess the building’s properties as well as the use and maintenance procedures and the activities of the owner or user organization.

BREEAM In-Use is based on constant improvement and therefore the certification is only valid for one year at a time and the rating can be improved annually, for example through measures taken as part of long-term improvement projects or by improving practices.

The Forum building received particularly good scores for its design and proactive maintenance work as well as for the good public transportation connections and waste management systems.

Further information regarding the environmental assessment of existing buildings is available here.