Biography Consulting becomes new VAR partner in Malaysia

Granlund and Biography Consulting have signed a reseller partnership to collaborate in strengthening Granlund Manager´s market share in the booming Malaysian markets.

The collaboration between Granlund and Biography Consulting was initiated in the MHEA fair in April this year when Bernard Chia, Sales Director of Biography Consulting met with Granlund´s representatives, and discussions about the possible partnership were started.

“Biography Consulting is a new operator in the field, but they have an impressive background. We share a lot of contacts in the real estate and HVAC industries. Our partnership benefits us both by combining specialized knowledge in IT with world-class real estate maintenance,” says Veikko Martiskainen, Director of Granlund Manager Services from Granlund.

Bernard Chia, Sales Director of Biography Consulting  has worked for Oslo Consulting, IBM and Oracle. He saw great potential in collaborating with Granlund already when working for the big consultancies.

“We were keen to collaborate with Granlund because we knew Granlund Manager to be a first-rate and versatile tool in facility management.” 

Biography Consulting and Granlund are currently working in partnership in Malaysia, which is the fastest-growing market area in the region after Singapore.

“There are many large cities in Malaysia, and the standards for engineering work are high. We look forward to working together to bring the best solutions and innovations to this developed market,” says Bernard Chia. 

Malaysia is a fast growing market

From Granlund´s perspective there is a lot of potential for growth in the Malaysian market. The adoption of CMMS is still a relatively recent innovation in the Malaysian real estate maintenance sector, but the markets are opening up fast.

“The collaboration between Granlund and Biography Consulting has been received exceedingly well. We´ve got a lot of positive feedback. The expectations for improving our market share are high and we are very confident that Granlund Manager will have excellent prospects in the Malaysian market,” adds Veikko Martiskainen.

Malaysia is an emerging market and property developments are booming.  This has created large complex buildings such as hypermarket, mixed commercial properties, extravagant condominiums and many more.

However, property management still rely on traditional sight and rectify facility management.  This has caused delay in proper maintenance resulting in poor returns on investment for property owners.  Tenants are unhappy with the property managers and will eventually move out.

Biography Consulting’s mission is to provide top class IT solution and property maintenance services, using Granlund Manager as a quick and easy to use CMMS, property owners will be able to have clear visibility and flexibility in property maintenance.