AV design highlighted at Helsinki Central Library

Oodi offers much more than a traditional library.

The new Helsinki Central Library, known as Oodi, will offer traditional library services as well as working and event spaces, a studio, city workshops and a cinema. Granlund is responsible for the project’s AV design, which will be a key feature of the next-generation library.

”In terms of AV design, we are expected to provide creative ideas. A further aim is to create interactive spaces in the library with the help of presentation technology,” says Timo Muurinen, Project Manager of Presentation Technology at Granlund.

The library will include a 250-seat cinema and a multipurpose auditorium with a fold-away seating area for 200 people. The multipurpose auditorium can be used for seminars and small-scale music or theatre performances.

Oodi is not a traditional library – it offers a diverse range of services. Citizens can use the studio facilities to record and edit audio, and there are also plenty of meeting and group-working spaces. ”It is great to make the designs for Oodi, where various AV solutions are being utilised so diversely,” Muurinen says.

”Our customers are increasingly active operators, participants and content-producers. The library will support the creation of new information and culture by offering a technical environment that is inspiring and easy to manage,” says Pirjo Lipasti, the Lead Planner of Oodi at Helsinki City Library, adding that collaboration with Granlund has proceeded very well.

Oodi will open in December 2018. The new Central Library is expected to welcome 2.5 million customers every year, with up to 10,000 visitors per day.

Further information:
Timo Muurinen
Project Manager, Presentation Technology
+358 50 514 7544

 Image: Helsinki City Library