About us

Granlund - Less Energy Gives More

Granlund specializes in design, consultancy and software services. The core of our expertise is energy efficiency.

Company was established in 1960. Today we have over 1,000 customer organisations in 30 countries, 750 employees and 20 offices in Finland and also offices in China and United Arab Emirates.

The Group's net sales increased on year 2016 by 13 per cent year-on-year to approximately EUR 62 million. The Group's operating profit increased from EUR 6.8 million to EUR 7.1 million.Learn more about Granlund Groups finance figures

We focus on innovation and information technology and have clear vision and a strong drive to promote development. We value experienced experts and want to help younger people to develop their skills.

We have long history of helping our customers to take care of their real estate and save their costs and energy.

The core of our software products is facility management system Granlund Manager that ensures the performance and efficiency of every real estate throughout its life cycle.

A clear continuum can be seen in Granlund's over 50-year history. Our foundation has always been:

  • leading expertise
  • focus on development and information technology

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We create well-being in the built environment. We highlight the well-being of people as well as buildings.

Granlund Mission

In the future we will be an international pioneer that does more than simply carry out projects – we will push the entire sector forward. We will have top international expertise in our main areas of competence.

Granlund Vision